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Updated Makeup Brush Cleaning!

Foundation Brush before and after
Hello Everyone and welcome back! Today I have my updated makeup brush cleaning post! Over the years I've simplified a lot of what I do and how I clean my makeup brushes! All you need is your favorite antibacterial soap and a brush cleaning mat! If you don't have one of the mats, you can use your hand to agitate the bristles. My choice of antibacterial soap, is Dawn! It's been my go to for years now. When washing the brushes, use a more gentle hand but you can tell by pushing on the bristles how much pressure is needed. Run the brush under water and use a small amount of soap and scrub the bristles in circular motion to work the product out. Rinse and repeat if needed. Some pigments can stain! Once you fully rinse the brush out, gently squeeze out excess water and set aside to dry! I have posted a video of the process on all of my social media pages!

If your a visual learner, You can find the links to everything here;

Things you need:
- Dirty Makeup Brushes
- Antibacterial Soap (Dawn)
- Silicone Brush Mat (Exact one here)
- A bath towel to lay them out on after

Eyeshadow Brushes before and after

Helpful tips:
- Make sure you use lukewarm water.
- If it's too hot, you risk melting the glue and your brushes will fall apart.
- If the water is too cold, I've noticed the bristles have a harder time getting clean. 
- Lay out a bath towel, roll it up on one end to create an elevated edge for the handles to rest on.
- Keep your brushes angled down so gravity helps push the water down and not into the bristles.

This is the exact one I have, you can get them a lot of places pretty inexpensive!
Silicone Mat, Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

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