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Golden Smokey - Morphe Bronze Goals 35G Palette

Morphe Bronze Goals

Tutorial & Review

Hello everyone and welcome back to my website! Today I have a tutorial and review using the new Morphe Bronze Goals 35G palette! I bought this palette in Ulta on a whim, I hadn’t heard anything about it, nor had I even heard Morphe dropped a new palette! I was so sucked in by all of the browns, bronze, gold’s, coppers and pops of burgundy shades. I just had to pick it up. This palette is pretty dark as well. There aren’t many lighter shades. So if you like to set your lid before applying eyeshadow, you’ll have to use either your setting powder, or a shade from another palette that matches your skin tone. That’s the one down side I’ve noticed off the bat. Let's get into the tutorial first, it's pretty simple!

Tutorial Using Morphe Bronze Goals 35G Palette:
Starting out this tutorial, I primed my eye lids with my Wet n Wild Photofocus primer and set it with the Makeup Revolution Translucent Baking Powder. Going in with the Morphe Bronze Goals 35G Palette, on a bigger blending brush, I took the shade Sandy and brought it from the outer corner all the way through the crease, building up the warmth. On the same brush, I picked up Nekked and Equator and buffed them into more of the outer corner, bring it in the crease about a third of the way. Going into the copper shade, Summer Vibes, I picked it up on my finger and swiped it across the lid about two thirds of the way over. I felt it was looking kind of dark, so I picked up the shade Sol on a finger and patted it in the middle of the lid, making sure to blend the edges as I went. On the bottom lash line, I used a combination of Sandy & Nekked and softly blended them out, using Glare on the inner third, inner corner and brow bone. As you can see, The colors are beautiful! I do have a few things to say about the formulas on some of them, so lets get into the review of the palette.

Review of Morphe Bronze Goals 35G Palette:
Let's talk about the formula of the matte shades in the Morphe Bronze Goals 35G Palette! I went through and swatched all of the shades and checked how they felt and the opacity of each of them. The mattes are pigmented, smooth and just beautiful browns. The black is so pigmented and beautiful, I was a little shocked at how good it was, to be honest. There's a really good mix of lighter and darker browns, as well as cool and warm tones. 

Now on to the shimmer shades in the Morphe Bronze Goals 35G Palette! I had some trouble getting pay off on a lot of them. It seems like their formulation is a little dry and definitely could of used more oils in them. They work beautiful if you use your finger, I did have some trouble getting pay off with a wet synthetic brush. Using a wet natural fiber brush on the other hand had really good pay off, again, when wet. They really don't pick up well on a dry brush. 

Overall my final thoughts on the Morphe Bronze Goals 35G Palette, despite the issues with the shimmer shades, I still highly recommend this palette. The mattes are creamy and blendable. The shimmers go on beautiful with a finger, as long as I can make them work without it being a fight, I honestly don't mind. Keep that into consideration. If that's something that you don't like to deal with, then maybe skip this on. But the colors alone make the palette 100% worth it. Not to mention this palette is 35 shades for only $25.00!

Thank you all so much for stopping by to check out this tutorial and review on the Morphe Bronze Goals 35G Palette! If you want to see me use any shades particularly, let me know! This palette is so pretty and I can't wait to play in it next! Should I go cool or warm? Bronze, Gold or Burgundy or Pinkish. As always I will have everything I used in the tutorial, listed below! Follow me on Instagram! LulusLifeBeauty ;)

Vic Cosmetics
Here is the makeup look with three different lip colors. In these pictures, I'm demoing 3 sample lip colors I received from my daughter who works for the up and coming company VIC Cosmetics! The mattes are super pigmented, creamy and thin. They are not sticky or patchy and last a long time! The two glosses are a plumping kind of gloss and I love them! The pink one has a gold shimmer and the wine colored one has no shimmer and does stain which I Love!!! I'm so scared to wear bold colors on my lips but this is a color i'll be wearing a lot more often. I'm going to have to purchase a full size plumping gloss asap! I'm going to leave my daughters link so you can order from her! They are a new company and coming out with some amazing stuff! Definitely check out their new mascara! 

Products used today.

Wet n Wild Photofocus Eye Primer
Morphe Bronze Goals 35G Palette
Essence Kajal Eye Pencil, Black
Broadway Beauty eyebrow pencil, brown / black
Maybelline Great Lash, Clear, Brows
Maybelline Great Lash, Black, Waterproof

(Foundations mixed 1:1)
Revlon Colorstay Foundation, 200 Nude
Maybelline Matte & Poreless, 110 Porcelain
Morphe Fluidity Full-Coverage Concealer, C1.25
Makeup Revolution, Baking Powder, Translucent
Elf Contour Palette
Maybelline, Fit Me Blush, Mauve

Highlight: E.L.F. Cosmetics Highlighting set (It's a light golden yellow, had no name.)

Lips: Black Cherry Glaze [Stained from the plumping gloss]

Brushes / Tools:
Real Techniques Foundation Sponge
SIXPLUS 15pc Brush Set
BH Cosmetics, Royal Affair Brush Set

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