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Rocvape Origo CVB review!
Recently I had the company Rocvape reach out to me asking if I wanted to review one of their new vape mods! I was honestly so shocked and honored they reached out. Vaping is something I'm passionate about. I’m big on promoting the switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping. Since I made the switch a little over two years ago, this is the best my asthma and breathing has been since I was a kid! I think everyone should know, with my reviews I will always be 100% honest and upfront. Just because I have something sent to me, doesn’t mean I’ll fake anything or lie about my feelings towards something. That being said, They did send me this for review, and I appreciate it so much!
Here’s some specs on the Origo CVB;
4 color options. Black, Pink, Silver & Blue
It’s total weight it only 80g.
All-in-one compact design.
Leak proof built in glass tank.
Built-in 1600 mAh Li-ion battery.
Battery venting on the bottom.
Born for stealth vaping.
About the size of a Zippo lighter.
Drip tip with no spit-back design.
Simple single button use.
Simple and quick charging.
10 second vape capacity.
Constant 18w vape.

I received the pink Origo CVB on Saturday, March 4th. I've been testing it out since. I filled it up to the fill line and wicked up the coil with some Haze by The Cloud Junkies, which is 80/20 max vg. The coil wicked up super fast, that's what I love to see in a good coil, especially with Max vg juice. Upon first hitting it, I was so surprised at how much Vapor it puts out. I didn’t know what to expect when I got it, but I am so happy with it. Since it only goes to 18w and I’m use to 85w, I didn’t think it would put out as much Vapor as it does. I can use this little guy all day long on one battery charge and I only have to refill it once or twice. I do vape a lot, that’s something to keep in mind. If you’re a vapor who is only vaping occasionally, or even an all day Vapor, this is an awesome option for you. I noticed of I hold the hit in for a few seconds, it hardly puts out a cloud. Stealth vaping, for the win! I love that. Some restaurants do allow vaping, like buffalo wild wings. When I’ve vaped there with my big mod, people would complain just to be rude. But with this little mod, I’m sure I won’t have that problem again! female and all, I can actually slip this little guy in my bra without a problem or it falling out. My mod I have now is so heavy I can’t do that. Some women just like to throw things in their bra and go out and about. I am one of those women lol. Also, can we discuss the fact that it comes in Pink!? Thank you for that option! There are very few companies who have a pink color option.

Over all, I love this little stealth vape! It comes in pink, its light weight, hits like a champ and puts off mini clouds. The battery life is great, it last almost all day. For having a built-in tank, it last surprisingly well. I have not had any leaking or spit back, and that’s something I encounter with every other vape I’ve used till now. My honest opinion is that everyone needs one. Next time I’m out and about I’m bring it everywhere with me!

Shout out to Elliot at Rocvape for reaching out to me! Thank you so much for this opportunity, you’re awesome!

The Cloud Junkies Review!

Here’s a quote from Their website;
“About The Junkies
We have been making juice for years, and have since mastered and perfected the art of mixing e-juice. We provide an amazingly delicious high quality product at a price others just can’t beat!”

The Cloud Junkies sell their own brand of ejuice as well as a few other brands. They have 30ml bottles for $7.00usd and 120ml bottles for $15.00usd. The first time I ordered from the cloud junkies was a little over a year ago. From what I knew, the were a newer brand with good prices and not many reviews. So I gave them a shot and ordered a bottle of their juice Haze. I seriously fell in love on the first hit! I honestly had no idea what to expect.

So far I have bought Haze, OHMS, King, Pang, R.W.S, Bury, Flip. They have many more flavors as well. I liked all of the ones I’ve tried, Pang and Bury were a bit harsh for me though. But then again I do have asthma and that makes it harder to take big hits.

From my experience, they have always shipped my orders right away. Every bottle is packaged in bubble wrap and paper packaging. I have never had issues with bottles leaking or breaking. Packages always come within two to five business days of my purchase.

The Cloud Junkies became my favorite juice brand after my first order! Since then I have ordered from them regularly. If I am ever in a pinch and can’t order before I’m out, I’ll buy Vapor Lock by Cool Breeze Vapor. That flavor is similar to The Cloud Junkies flavor Haze. Haze has a smoother hit than Vapor Lock, but they’re both so good!

Here’s some descriptions on the flavors I’ve purchased.

  • OHMS is a strawberry ice cream flavor. To me, I taste a little graham cracker flavor in it. It almost tastes like Ben and Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream!

  • Haze is a sweet blend of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. They also state it has a hint of marshmallow to make the flavor smoother. I definitely agree with all of it. It’s my favorite flavor!

  • King is a Pumpkin cheesecake flavor! It legitimately tastes like pumpkin cheesecake too. It’s like a Pumpkin spice latte in Vapor form. It’s the perfect fall flavor.

  • R.W.S is a bomb blueberry cheesecake flavor. It tastes exactly like you would imagine! It’s sweet and tart at the same time. Another winner!

  • Pang is a mango and peach juice with a marshmallow undertone. I think I’m going to start looking for that quality specifically. I love it so much.

  • Bury is a sweet blueberry ice cream. Like R.W.S it has a delicious blueberry flavor. Compared to the cheesecake one, this one has more of the ice cream taste like you would expect.

  • Flip is a delicious sharp flavor of pomegranate and raspberry ice cream. I think I have a thing for ice cream flavored vapes. It’s probable the slight vanilla hint in them.
 As you can see, there is a running theme in my vape “profile” if you will. I love fruity, berry flavors with marshmallows and vanilla hints. If you haven’t tried anything from them, this is the brand I highly recommend! My absolute favorite company. They often have sales and coupon codes. Always check their Instagram and Facebook for deals going on. If you sign up for email updates, they’ll email you whenever they are having sales.


Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to check out this review. If you have any questions comment down below or contact me, info on my contact page!

My current Vape setup!

Hi guys! A little over two years ago, on Halloween to be exact, I quit smoking cigarettes! That would not have been possible without Vaping! To start, I was vaping 6mg of nicotine, and now I’m at 3mg. I honestly could go down to 0mg of nicotine without problem, but I don’t feel like it to be honest. Haha, I know. I’m stubborn, that’s just me. When I initially started vaping, I was a bit anxious and fidgety. But that was all gone after the first day or two. I started with a basic pen set up and moved on and up to a much beefier vape after a year or so. Some of my favorite companies to buy tanks and box mods are Aspire, Joyetech, Smok, Kangertech and Eleaf.

There are many misconceptions when it comes to vaping. Personally, I have done my research and know it's not bad for you. There are hundreds of articles debating either side of the subject. Feel free to look into it yourself for more information. But if you have questions, feel free to ask me anything and I'll answer you to the best of my ability. If I'm not sure, I can find a website that'll have the answer! Now let's get into what I'm using, from box mods, tank, coils to juices!

 Joyetech Cuboid 150w
Box Mod:
On April 14th, 2016 I got my box mod, which is a Joyetech Cuboid 150w mod with upgradeable firmware to 200w. It also does temperature control vaping, I haven't decided if I like temp control yet. I’ve tried it a few times and it seemed like there was too much air and not a hard enough hit. It takes two 18650 batteries, I’d recommend an external charger for them. The batteries will charge more evenly and a lot faster. The Joyetech Cuboid is made from solid metal, though the website doesn’t say what it’s actually made from. It’s a heavy little mod for the over all side if it. I have relatively small hands and it fits nice in my hands. The large screen is very simple, user friendly and easy to read. I do have to say, the one thing I don’t like about it is, the paint has chipped quite a bit. I’m the type of person who isn’t rough on their things, especially electronics. I’ll include photos of what it looks like when you buy it, and a photo of what mine looks like now!

Smok TFV4
Tank / Atomizer:
On October 3rd, 2015 I got my tank, it's the Smok tfv4. The base has adjustable air vents, as does the drip tip. I personally have my bottom vents fully opened and the drip tip vents closed. I use the triple stack coils, they're by far my favorite ones. They run 40w - 130w. Now days they make about ten different coils, I’ve only tried three of them. The quad coils are too airy and make the juice taste less flavorful, kind of like the temperature control coils. This tank holds 5ml of fluid and can last all day, depending on how much you vape and how high you run your wattage. The combination of my box, tank and coil put out some thick white clouds. I only run my mod at 85w, it’s my sweet spot. I have noticed if I drink alcohol, I’ll run it around 90w. That makes it a bit hotter and harder of a hit. Which I do like sometimes.

TFV4 Triple Coil
There are three coils I have tried for my tank. Those would be the TFV4 Triple Coil, the quad coil, and a nickel temperature control coil. The only one I like is the triple coil, it has the best air flow for my asthmatic lungs lol. I still manage to make decent clouds even with asthma. The moisture in my lungs from vaping helps me to breath easier as well. One thing that is important, don’t tighten down your coil too tightly or you could break the coil, or the mod just won’t read it and you will get the “No Atomizer Found” warning. That’s so annoying, especially I’d you just filled the tank up. I’ve started checking that before I fill it. Sometimes I’ll tighten the coil down just a quarter turn and it will throw the warning. So just pay attention when your putting in new coils.

My favorite thing about vaping is all of the different juices there are on the market! I prefer 80/20 vg. It’s thicker and produces better clouds. There are two main companies I buy from Cool Breeze Vapors and The Cloud Junkies! I guess you could say I’m a picky girl. I love fruity, sweet tastes. Cool Breeze Vapor has a line called Reserved, and the best juice in that line is called Vapor Lock. I think I have bought about 5 of the 120ml bottles over the last few months. It’s a sharper fruity taste, unlike my other favorite juice which is by The Cloud Junkies. That one is called Haze. I’ve probably bought ten 120ml bottles of Haze. It’s a berry flavor with a hint of marshmallow to mellow out the flavor so it isn’t as sharp. The Cloud Junkies has a pretty vast range of juices, my favorites are Haze, King (pumpkin pie), Bury (stronger berry taste like Haze but a bit harsh).

Thank you so much for taking time to read this post. I hope you check out some of the products I’ve mentioned! They are all awesome! I’ll be sure to have links to all of the products mentioned! I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any questions or feedback, leave them below or send me a message over one of my social media pages, links on social media page!

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