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New year, Same Lulu.

Hello Everyone! I hope you had an amazing holiday season! It's me, Lulu, popping in to update you guys and say what's up lol.
Over the past year, my blogging became pretty inconsistent! I'm sorry for that. All I can honestly say is I have bad anxiety, depression and I'm a champion procrastinator! In 2020, we're changing some stuff! I'm going to do a lot more product reviews, tutorials here and there. If you have anything you want me to review, let me know!

In December I got my first Boxycharm! I have a few products I got in it that I want to do dedicated posts on! I so far love Boxycharm! It's worth so much more than $25 a month! Half the products in it are worth more than that! Would you guys like a monthly Boxycharm post? I'd definitely be down to do that!
For Christmas this year I got myself the Morphe x Jeffree Star palette, I just played in it for the first time tonight and posted a little tiktok, it's not cute, but we out here! I'm planning on posting a tutorial this coming week using that palette! I have some new makeup I've been enjoying. I've been lucky enough to try some new things! I finally feel like I've got a variety of products to use in tutorials and videos. Which I do have a YouTube! I'm pretty sure it's Lindaxhella. I have to have over 1k subs or something like that to be able to change that!
To get myself pushed back into blogging, I'm going to start posting at least once a week. If you wanna keep up with me on an everyday basis, catch me on Instagram or tiktok. Yes, I've joined the world of tiktok! I haven't posted much but it's just for fun! All my socials are Luluslifebeauty! You can find me on most social media places.
One more thing, I'm a huge nerd. I love all things gaming and Harry Potter. Let me know if you'd like me to make a post dedicated to the PC games I play, books I've enjoyed. Just hit me up on social media or in the comment section below!
I love you all. Thank you to those of you who have stuck around and pop in on me from time to time. I see the views going up consistently everyday, I feel bad I don't post more. But it's time to change that. Enjoy some photos I've popped in. You can find them on my Instagram!

Xoxo Lulu.

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