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In This Moment Concert Looks

In This Moment, Motionless In White, Avatar and Gemini Syndrome

In This Moment
Guys! My boyfriend and I are going to be seeing one of our favorite bands! April fifteenth in Columbus Ohio! In This Moment! We are so fucking pumped for it. I normally try not to swear in my blog, but I’m too excited! If you guys don’t know who they are, they’re a bad ass metal band with a female singer. The beautiful Maria Brink! At the concert there’s supposed to be three other groups with them on tour. Motionless In White, Avatar and Gemini Syndrome! I like all of these bands, the only ones I don’t know as well are Avatar and Motionless In White. But I do enjoy what I’ve heard by them so far! Now, you guys know what this means! Testing and trying out hair and makeup looks for the show. They have got to be long lasting and sweat proof! Most of all, I have to look cute of course. I have a few ideas in mind and I wanted to talk about and get some input on!

Makeup Look one:

This is the most basic look I came up with. I’m thinking either a classic messy bun or a donut looking bun. What are those called? A ballerina bun maybe, lol. For the makeup look, I’m thinking a simple minimal makeup look with a winged liner. With some bottom lash line smoky-ness with a deep purple shadow! Of course a ton black eyeliner in the waterline. For the lips, J Cat’s kissproof liquid lipstick in Champagne Buzz. It’s a nude shade with a slight orange tint.

Makeup Look two:

For the second look I thought a sleek ponytail and more of a dramatic eye! This eye look would be a late night smoky glam vibe. I’m thinking of using my Wet n Wild Comfort Zone pallet. The bottom right shade is my favorite color in the palette, which you can tell by how used it is. It’s like a blue brown shade. I guess it’s a dupe for MAC's blue brown pigment. That shade all over the lid with some red through the crease and some glitter! Depending on how much glitter there ends up being, I probably won’t do a wing with this look. I will be adding black eyeliner to the waterline and some of of that blue brown shade on the lash line. For my lips, I’m thinking the same liquid lipstick in Champagne Buzz.

Makeup Look three:

Okay, this is probably going to be what I end up going with. I think it really fits my personality most. For the hair I want to do double twist back braids into a side braid. That’s generally my go to hair style when I have to have my hair out of my face. I know I’m going to be sweating a lot, I do anytime I’m out doing something. For my makeup I want to do a black and silver smoky eye look. Very Goth looking and pulling some Maria Brink vibes! This one is would pair with a red matte liquid lipstick. A lot of black in the water line, and some smudging under that.

If you guys are wondering about what I’m going to be wearing, I’m thinking of wearing my blue jeans and low top black and white classic Converse. I have no clue what shirt I’m going to wear! I think I’m going to buy a new shirt for the concert. I really don’t have anything I could wear to the concert, shirt wise anyways! Guys, I’m so excited! Let’s talk in the comments about our favorite music and bands! If you enjoyed, make sure you give it a share on social media. You can follow me on most platforms. My links are all listed on my social media page! Thanks so much!

Lulu ♡

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