Warm Autumnal Tutorial

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. As it's now the end of October and we're really into the autumnal season, it's time for me to do all of my favorite fall makeup looks! This is my favorite time of year! Let's just hope and pray I'm not covered in hives all fall and winter this year, like I was last year ugh. Let's get into this look!

Starting out this look I did my base, all of the products will be down below! I primed my eyelids with foundation for this look. I've been doing that a lot lately and it's been holding up all day so much better than the eye primer I was using. For this look, I used two of the Jaclyn Hill Vault palettes!

Palettes Used:
Jaclyn Hill Vault: Bling Boss
Shades: Bling Bling, Hush Hush, Spark, Rockstar
Jaclyn Hill Vault: Ring The Alarm
Shades: Lolli, Siren

On a big fluffy brush I took Hush Hush and blew it out in the crease to start out a smooth base for the rest of the crease colors. On a smaller tapered natural fiber brush I took Spark and Rockstar and blended them through the crease, taking it almost all the way to the inner corner. To darken the outer corner, I picked up Siren and some Spark and kept them pretty tight in the corner and a little in the crease to help blend everything. I cleaned off my big fluffy brush and buffed the edges of everything out to create more of a hazy blended look. On the lid I used my fingers to pat on and blend out Lolli in the edge of the outer crease towards the inner corner, the I took Bling Bling and patted it from the inner corner, about half way in. I was in a rush to a wedding this day and completely forgot to put anything on my bottom lash line! I would of used some of Spark and a little of Bling Bling to brighten the year duct.

These are some of my favorite colors to work with! I'm kind of spooked by cool tones, but warm tones are my favorite! I have green rings an a weird green spot in my eyes and warm tones really help the green pop! I know I haven't been blogging much, I was going through a lot of things inside myself. Self hatred and feeling not good enough or like I'm not going to go anywhere with my career I'm trying to build. I'm doing better about all the self loathing, and I'm going to be putting more effort into myself and my website! I post a lot more on Instagram if you want to keep updated! My Instagram is Luluslifebeauty!

Products used:
Colourpop No Filter / Morphe (mixed 50/50)
Morphe Concealer
Makeup Revolution, Baking Powder, Translucent
Elf Contour Palette
L.a. Color Blush Brick, Glow
Elf Highlight kit (golden yellow color)
Essence, Pure Nude, Spacelighter (iridescent pink shift)

Jaclyn Hill, Bling Boss
Jaclyn Hill, Ring The Alarm
Essence Waterproof Eyeliner
Maybelline Greatlash Waterproof Mascara
Drugstore Brown / Black Brow Pencil

J.Cat Beauty Lipfinity Kiss-Proof Liquid Lip, Champagne Buzz

Brushes / Tools: 
Real Techniques Foundation Sponge
SIXPLUS 15pc Brush Set
BH Cosmetics, Royal Affair Brush Set

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Sweat proof makeup!

Hello everyone and welcome back. I haven't been here in a while but I'm back and have been working on testing certain makeup items and application techniques to work with sweating! I am someone who deals with sweating a lot. It's taken many years to figure out how to do a full face of makeup and have it look good all day. That's through sweating and dealing with an oily t-zone. I've tried a lot of foundations, concealers and powders and found a trick that works with any that you own! Let's get into it!

For foundations I've used,
Maybelline matte and poreless, 
Revlon Colorstay (combo oily), 
Colourpop No filter 
Morphe foundation 
It's worked with all of them, just better with some more than others! 

For concealers I've used,
Colourpop No filter,
Elf 16hr camo concealer, 
Makeup Revolution's concealer and the 
Ulta full-coverage concealer.

Whenever I do my makeup anymore, I buff in my foundation with a flat top brush. Right now I'm using the Bh Cosmetics foundation brush from the royal affair set! It's super soft and dense! The best thing to do is to buff in a light amount of a medium to full coverage foundation. You don't want to put a bunch in because you'll end up looking cakey! A thin amount of product looks more skin like and all around nicer. For concealer, I always use a Real Techniques alone and a small amount of concealer. 

My favorite foundations right now are a half and half mix of the Morphe foundation and the Colourpop No Filter foundation. My Morphe is too dark and the colourpop is too light, So I mix them and they end up looking so good together. They're both matte foundations, so the end up not causing any weird issues being mixed. The Morphe one is so long wearing and sweat resistant to an extent. To make things last so much longer, I put setting powder on my forehead, around my nose and chin. It's basically like baking, but I don't use a ton of powder. The rest of my face is lightly dusted with any extra powder.

I know this is not revolutionary, But I've been asked a lot how I keep my makeup in place all day. Through sweating, heat, running errands and anything you can think of. Honestly, the Morphe foundation mixed with colourpop's and set with the Makeup Revolution Translucent Baking Powder is magic. I think it might be some kind of which craft. Remember, Know your skin type! If your dry, these tips will not work for you. You will need a dewy foundation and maybe use the lightest amount of powder possible!

Pre-Makeup prep!
I always make sure I scrub and moisturize my face! I use an antibacterial hand soap, It works best for my acne prone skin. I then air dry my face and lather on Nivea Cream, It's super thick and my skin loves it. I've recently started using (recently as in like 5 months ago) the Makeup Revolution baking Oil. I love it. My face is so soft and my natural oil production isn't crazy like it use to be. It's really helped balance out my skin. When I use to do my makeup, my nose makeup would slide off and look horrendous after like an hour. Now it looks so much better with my natural oils being under control. I hope this has helped some of you out! Let me know if you try any of these tips and how they work out for you. DM me on Instagram if you have any questions! I'd love to help you out! 

Instagram: LulusLifeBeauty
Twitter: LulusLifeBeauty

Xoxo Lulu

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