Dermacol Foundation Cover - Real VS Fake

Dermacol Foundation Cover - Real VS Fake

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! A lot of people have been getting scammed by people selling Fake Dermacol Foundation! I set out to buy a fake, on purpose to show you how to spot a fake! Also to warn you the danger in using counterfeit cosmetics. This article is so helpful and full of tons of great information. Counterfeit cosmetics are legitimately scary! I was lucky enough to purchase a real Dermacol on Amazon and didn’t get scammed. I did color match myself very wrong though, lol.

Real VS Fake Dermacol Foundation CoverDifferences in the boxes packaging:

Real: The packaging has less vibrant colors and design.
Fake: The colors are very vibrant and stand out in contrast.

Real: The pink has a cool tone hue with a subtle texture. 
Fake:  The pink is a really warm almost peachy pink.

Real: The black is almost a really dark charcoal, again with a fine texture. 
Fake: The black is a true black, again very contrasted. 

Real: The silver flower pattern is again less shiny, and seems to blend with the packing.
Fake: The floral pattern is very silver, and stands out very bright.

Real: The gold is a softer yellow gold.
Fake: The gold is a vivid yellow gold.

Real: The gold holographic Dermacol sticker is lined up evenly, sharp clean edges with the letters and flowers that are holographic and just a shiny background.
Fake: The gold holographic sticker doesn’t fit quite right with rounded corners and the entire sticker is holographic.

Real: The sticker that has the shade, expiration and batch number is matte and lined up straight.
Fake: The sticker is shiny, crooked and the font is a little thinner. 

Real VS Fake Dermacol Foundation CoverDifferences is Tubes packing:

Real: Bronzey gold metal tube.
Fake: Lighter yellow gold metal tube.

Real: Darker gold cap with a fat puncture tip.
Fake: Light gold cap with slim puncture tip.

Real: End of tube is folded and pressed very flat.
Fake: End of tube is folded over and can be unfolded easily.

Real: Charcoal black colored text lined up straight.
Fake: Medium grey font that's crooked.

Real: Color shade text is medium size and clearly typed.
Fake: Smaller font that's lighter and softer in color.

Real: Scent is soft yet floral.
Fake: Strong floral chemical scent.

Real: Thick formula with smooth texture.
Fake: Formula is almost greasy and oily, kind if slimy.

Real: Coverage is full, and covers a tattoo.
Fake: Medium sheer coverage, can’t cover even a faded tattoo.

Real VS Fake Dermacol Foundation Cover
The Difference is pretty obvious here!

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