Wet n Wild Comfort Zone

Hey guys! I’ve decided to try something new this week! I want to teach myself how to do a halo eye. I’ve attempted it once and it did not go well. So I’ve decided to try it again until I get it right. This time using one of my all-time favorite drugstore eye shadow palettes Wet n Wild’s Comfort Zone. This palette has eight shades, all of them are silky textured and very pigmented! That’s one thing I love about their eye shadows, they’re so good! Their price is almost unbeatable with that kind of quality! Not to mention, every shade in this palette is a dupe for a high-end shadow!

Wet n Wild Comfort ZoneStarting with my eyes as normal, because I always have to clean up a mess. I’m too sloppy and have too much fun playing in eye shadow that it ends up everywhere. I’m capable of doing it without making a mess, but what’s the fun in that? So I’m going to start of with my Hard Candy eye shadow primer all over my lids and pack on the left eyelid color in the center of my eye. This shade is a pinky copper satin shade that blends beautifully! On the inner and outer corners and through the crease I’m going to put the right definer shade, it’s a red brown with a blue reflect. That’s one of my favorite colors in the palette! For the browser bone I’m using Brulee, which is a single Wet N Wild shadow that’s a creamy nude. I’m pretty much going back and forth blending until the crease is really hazy and blended to the heavens! Lol. After that I go back in and touch up the halo until I thought it looked right. But then I realized it didn’t look quite how I wanted it! So I decided to add a little of the primer to the very center area and pack on some of the right brown bone color, which is a silvery satin shade with the slightest pink undertone. Then I slightly blended it out some until it looked as good as I could get it.

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone
So next I would continue on with my face makeup which I go over and explain in my Drugstore Foundation Routine . On my bottom lash line I would have gone in with the right definer shade, the red brown shade and I'd bring it all the way under and into the inner corner. For my lip color, I’m using J Cat’s kiss proof liquid lipstick in Champagne Buzz a lot lately! It’s such a thin, pigmented, smooth texture. I love it and it smells like cinnamon, kind of, but it also almost smells like a cinnamon vodka. Which I not mad at!

Today I wasn't able to finish my face makeup due to general life things that happen. I hope you guys enjoyed the finished look! I know it isn’t the best, but I’m really loving this look. It almost has a vampy look I’m really digging! If you guys have any tips on how I could change what I’m doing to improve the look, hit up the comment section and let me know. Thank you so much for taking time to read this post, if you enjoyed it feel free to share it with your friends. I’m always open to advice and constructive criticism!


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