Half God Half Devil Concert Pictures.

Half God Half Devil Tour
Last weekend I went to my first real concert with my boyfriend in Columbus. I call it my first "real" concert because after I turned 18, I went to a dirty little bar in Portland Oregon and saw Bring Me The Horizon & It Dies Today. I grew up across the bridge in Washington. From 2004 to 2007, was a huge emo phase in my life, lol. But this past weekend was so good for us to have a night away from life, kids, and reality to have a date night and see some bands we love! We went to the Half God Half Devil tour. There were three opening acts and the headlining band. In order was Gemini Syndrome, Avatar, Motionless In White, then of course In This Moment! So yes, this was in fact a metal show. A lot of people don’t think I look like someone who listens to metal, but I have since I was like 15. Back in '04 that's all I would listen to, haha.

Columbus OhioSo after our drive down to Columbus, We went to the hotel and holy cow, it was Beautiful! We stayed at the Renaissance Columbus Downtown Hotel. We were so out of our element! We are not city people at all, This trip confirmed that. Unlike my sims in the Sims 4, Who love the city. Lol. It was still nice to go do something we wouldn't normally do. I do have to say, Columbus is a beautiful city! It was crazy seeing all of the huge buildings and the culture. The tour is going to be in Cincinnati on May 3rd and I want to go. It's on a Wednesday so we aren't able to go. Not to mention, it's not exactly cheap to buy the tickets, drive down there and buy food while were there. That's not including if we were to stay somewhere. I really want to go because it's two days before my 28th birthday. But damn, this show was sold out, packed and hot as hell. That was my only issue with the Venue, they have like a 2200 capacity, when it should only be like 2000. The place was so packed and hot. It was like 80 degrees that day, I got a sunburn waiting to go in. We were in line from 3:30pm to 6:30pm. We go in, use the bathrooms and get drinks. Now the wait... 

Gemini Syndrome
Gemini Syndrome went on first, They killed it! The lead singer, Aaron Vincent Nordstrom, was casually walking up and down the street before the show. Just having a chill walk around minding his business. I don't think a lot of people realized it was him. I want to get a picture with him, but he was having some chill time. Gotta respect their free time. They don't get much of it on tour. I was not able to get many pictures of them performing! I was too into watching them, and filming some Snapchats!

Avatar was up second. Holy shit do they put on a fucking show! These guys are insane! The energy and stage presence is beyond amazing. Before the concert, I had only heard a few of their songs. I liked their music a lot, But after the show they put on, boy I love them. They put on a hell of a show. They basically stole the show, however possible that is. Also, three of their band members also went off on a walk, about half hour later two security guards hopped on skate boards with walkie - talkies looking for them. It was so funny, they were so annoyed! We ended up missing their last two songs because it was so hot and packed, I got really bad anxiety and had to go outside for a little bit! I hate that we had to go outside, I just couldn't breathe. Yes, I do take anxiety medication. If I didn't, I wouldn't of been able to even go. 

Motionless In WhiteThird up, Motionless In White. We missed their first two songs trying to get back into the building, sadly! So I did not get very many good pictures. It turns out, I love them so much more now. They definitely put on an awesome show. I wasn't too sure if I was going to enjoy them live, But they were bomb as fuck. I know some of their music is pretty hard, which I love, But sometimes harder songs aren't as good live. The pulled it off like champs. Not to mention, they came on before In This Moment, They did a snazzy little cover song to get everyone hyped for ITM to come on! They did Chop Suey by System of a Down. It was amazing! I got two short clips of it. I'm obsessed! They have a girl whose in a skeleton outfit who sprays everyone with water out of a water gun, then she threw bubble gum out of a trick or treat pumpkin! So cute!

In This Moment
The headlining band, whose lead singer, Maria Brink is my absolute QUEEN, In This Moment. For this performance, my boyfriend decided he want to go down into the pit. Being the good girlfriend I am, I went with him. After they set up and came on, the whole place was hyped and just went nuts. They opened with Black Widow, which is one of my favorites. When the chorus dropped, some loon of a woman started shoving everyone and rammed me in the ribs multiple times the elbowed me in the eye! So I left and went back up by the steps so I wouldn't get trampled. I'm hardly 5'2", so as you cam see, I had a hard time seeing as it was, I didn't feel like getting shoved around anymore. Not to mention the floor was wet and I slipped and almost fell. There was water and spilled drinks all over the floor. But I have got to say, I am so unbelievably happy that I went! It was a once in a life time sort of thing for us and it was amazing. So one sick thing that happened while waiting to get in, I took a picture of the venue's board and tagged Maria Brink on twitter, telling her I was there to see her. The next day, I woke up from a nap and she liked and shared my tweet.How is this my life. I got to see her in person, NEXT: I have to meet her!I was so excited! The post now had over 10k impressions on it. I'm just excited that she saw and acknowledged my post! Like I said, She is my queen, so it was so exciting for me lol.


I hope you all enjoyed my rambley rant of things and events. I'm currently sick and I had to post something. I missed an upload over the weekend due to general life happenings! Please leave some comments down below and tell me who your favorite bands or artists are!!!!!


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