Colourpop x Disney; Lizzie McGuire Collection!

Colourpop x Disney; Lizzie McGuire Collection
Growing up, one of my favorite shows was The Lizzie McGuire show! I was a year younger than Lizzie was in the show. It was so relatable, I felt like a had a friend who understood what it was like being the odd one out. I think a lot of us had to deal with mean girls like 'Kate', it was a little easier seeing everyone has to deal with the same things. When coloupop announced the collection, I knew I had to get it! I decided to get it for myself for my 32nd birthday. I love everything, coloupop just knows what they're doing when they collab with brands. I wish Hilary Duff had been part of the collaboration, She was Lizzie and the collection would of been just overwhelmingly perfect!

Colourpop x Disney; Lizzie McGuire Collection
The Collection Includes;
  • What Dreams are Made of Eyeshadow Palette
  • Dear Diary; So Juicy Gloss Set
  • Seriously Cool; So Juicy Gloss Set
  • Bubblegum Pop, Lippie Scrub
  • Dee-Lish; Pressed Powder Blush
  • You Are Magnifico; Pressed Powder Blush
  • Sing To Me Paolo; Glitter Gel
  • Get A Grip; Glitter Gel
Everything is Cruelty Free!
Everything but the palette is Vegan!

Colourpop x Disney; Lizzie McGuire Collection
Per the standard of ColourPop, Everything is perfect. 

The eyeshadows are super pigmented. They are so smooth and blendable. The shimmer shades are so beautiful, there is one glitter shade, It's a beautiful peachy orange!

The only thing I would change is the Blushes, They're shimmery. The shimmer dusts away if you swipe over your cheek with a clean brush. If you don't set your base, the glitters will cling to the skin. I personally like wearing my blush higher, so it ends up with my highlight over the upper portion anyway. 

The glosses are thick, cling to the lips really well without sliding, and they're Not Sticky! You can't really feel the glitters in the glosses, but they do have a slight tingle to them. They're supposed to be plumping, But it's hard to tell if they work because my lips are naturally full already. 

The Lip scrub is super sweep, smells and tastes like bubblegum! I'm obsessed! 

The Glitter gels are so shiny, glittery, chunky. Perfect for summer, festivals, even costume makeup.

Colourpop x Disney; Lizzie McGuire Collection
Overall, I love the collection! I got it back in May for my birthday and I've played with it a few times and still love it! It's still available on the website, I can't wait to see what their next collaboration will be!!!

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Xoxo Lulu

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