I'm baccck!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! I have been gone from blogging for about a month due to life getting busy and being crazy. I have missed playing in makeup and up with new looks so much! I've done my makeup like three times this whole month off and I'm ready to get back into things! I think a lot of this break had so do with me getting pretty sick and not know what's going on. We're pretty sure now that it's a stomach issue caused by stress. As soon as I start feeling better, I get sick thanks to my daughter being back in school. What a wild almost two months it's been. But I'm starting to feel better and ready to come back!

During this time away from blogging, I've focused on my family, pets and life. I screwed around on Snapchat and played with filters. I babysat my beautiful niece and nephew for a few days and had lots of cuddles and fun. We watched a lot of My Little Pony... Lol. My youngest started 6th grade, had a family get-together and saw my step daughter Kate whose like a best friend to me. I also saved a couple of my favorite memes of the month. I'll be coming back with tutorials this coming week!

Also I wanted to say a quick little thank you for 90k views! That is so amazing and I can't wait for more milestones to be crossed out!!! I love makeup, I love the art of it and it's genuinely such a joy that you guys enjoy my content. One thing I'd like to ask, is if you can follow me on Instagram so I can interact and gauge what you would like to see from me on here! It's @LulusLifeBeauty ❤️ 

Thank you for stopping in and check out this update. I'll attach some pictures below of what I've been up to the last few weeks. Maybe some pet pics as well. I love animals as well! Of course as usual, all of my social media links are below for ease of access for you guys to find me else where!
Xoxo Lulu

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